The French Club at Georgia Tech

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2009 Officers

  • President: Olivia Kaye (co-founder)
  • Vice-President:Benjamin Bennett.
  • Secretary: Malika Meidinger
  • Treasurer: Farah Khemani
  • Advisor: Dr. Christophe Ippolito (co-founder)
  • Former officers include Peter Hylton (co-founder and president until October 19, 2008), Francine Feumba, Abhishek Shroff.

Report of Activities 2008 (March-October), by Peter Hylton

  • Conversation Group: Weekly meetings in the Student Center food court where students discuss in French, usually Fridays 12-1.
  • Movie Nights: Bimonthly meetings when students watch French movies in French with English subtitles. We have had them both spring and fall of 2008 and average attendance is about 15 students.
  • Symphony Orchestra Concert: In late March 2008, a group of about a dozen students went to a concert of Maurice Ravel music by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at the Woodruff Arts Center.
  • International Food Fair: In late March 2008, the French Club participated in the Office of International Education’s International Food Fair. We had help from several members preparing and serving the dishes. We prepared plates from the French-speaking country of Cameroon, namely fried plantains with a beef and tomato sauce, and beignets.
  • French Club Dinner: In April 2008, the French Club had an end-of-the-semester dinner. We met on campus to cook four French dishes: quiche, salade au chèvre chaud,crêpes, and ratatouille. The dinner was attended by a mix of French and American students, and conversation took place in both French and English. Another dinner is planned for November 21, 2008.
  • Les Misérables: In early October, a group of 12 students went to view the musical Les Misérables at the Fox Theater. The visit was made possible by SGA funding subsequent to a bill passed by SGA.
  • Outing to Piedmont Park: On October 18, a group from the French Club will go to Piedmont Park to socialize and benefit from an outdoor market taking place with many stands, including one selling crêpes.
  • The Club began its activities in March 2008.


  • French Club Hosting Program: French Club members will have the opportunity to host French students from GT Lorraine for several days preceding the start of the spring or fall semester. The program is created in coordination with Florence Stoia from GT Lorraine and responds to the need of French students who arrive in Atlanta before Georgia Tech Housing opens its doors while also giving American students the opportunity to make a connection with them.
  • Website: The French Club is creating a website, which will have a calendar, a forum, photos, and a list of online resources among other features.
  • French Club Library: Dr. Boulard has created a library of French books which she makes available to students for check-out as the French Club Library.
  • Tutoring: Tutoring is offered on an as-needed basis as possible to students. For example, in late October, Olivia Kaye or Francine Feumba have tutored a group of about five students from FREN 2002 in preparation for a test.