Teaching Interests

All levels of French language, literature and culture at Georgia Tech, including courses such as France Today, Drama Workshop and Advanced Business French

Courses taught at Georgia Tech and Georgia Tech Lorraine:

French 1001 Elementary French I

French 1002 Elementary French II

French 2001 French Culture I

French 2002 French Culture II

French 3061 Advanced Business French I

French 3062 Advanced Business French II

French 3004 Drama Workshop

French 3011 France Today I

French 4901 Special Problems in French: French Cultural History (online)

Selection of Courses Previously Taught:
All levels of language, including Elementary French, Intermediate French, Conversation, Communication in French and Francophone Contexts, Advanced Grammar and Composition, Advanced Writing, Phonetics, Creative Writing;

Business French; French Culture and European Identity; Cultural History of France; Introduction to French Literature; Major Literary Works To 1800; Major Literary Works Since 1800; Nineteenth-Century French Novel and Society; Modern Poetry and Artistic Representation; Contemporary French Literature and Culture; Madness, Alienation and Modernity; Leisure and Civilization in Modern and Contemporary France; Paris; Minorities and Multiculturalism in France and the Francophone World; Francophone Diasporas in the Americas.