Personal Information

Dr. Christophe Ippolito joined the School of Modern Languages in the Ivan Allen College at the Georgia Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor in 2007. He earned his Ph.D. in French from Columbia University, and his Masters in Second Language Acquisition (French) from the Université de Paris III-Sorbonne. He became a Certified ACTFL Tester for French in 2002. He has worked in Europe, Africa, China and the Middle East.

His research interests include modernism in nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature and culture, narrative theory, Francophone culture, translation, intercultural issues and language testing techniques. Ippolito is the author of Narrative Memory in Flaubert’s Works, and the editor of Lebanon: Poems of Love and War. He has contributed book chapters and essays in professional journals including RLM, RR, RN, RS, DFS, and EsC on Francophone culture, narrative theory, second language acquisition and authors including Chateaubriand, Nerval, Bertrand, Baudelaire, Flaubert, Zola, France, Louÿs, Tinan, Claudel, Proust, Sarraute, Simon, Mahfuz, Tuéni, Liking, and Robin. He reviews annually new works on French Literature 1900-1945 for YWMLS. Current projects include a book on resistance to modernity from Flaubert to Houellebecq, and collaborating to the upcoming Flaubert Dictionary.

He teaches all levels of French language, literature and culture at Georgia Tech, including courses such as France Today, Drama Workshop and Advanced Business French. He is the School of Modern Languages Representative to the Faculty Senate, and the Advisor to the French Club at Georgia Tech. Interested students and/or members of the community are invited to contact him about French Club activities and the Georgia Tech Lorraine Summer Program.

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